Jumaat, 13 Jun 2008

Aaron Shust - Can't Hide From Your Love


I was lost and I was blind
I was begging for a sign
that someone
Somewhere heard me
As You whispered in the wind
And You shouted in the waves
That You heard me
That You loved me
And I could finally
Stop resisting

You’re Everything I ever wanted
And never knew I needed
You’re Everywhere I ever go
I can’t hide from Your Love anymore

I begin to drop my guard
Faithful as the Morning Star
You show me tender mercy
I’m surrounded by Your beauty
I get lost in Heaven’s Symphony
It never changes
Never ending

Why would I want to?
I don’t want to

credit lirik and lagu ni ke Gidong.... coz aku dengar kat blog dia... ehehehhe terus layan.... hehehehhehe


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